Var med i tävlingen EBEC!

Meddelande från BEST Uppsala:

BEST Uppsala is an association for students of technology and natural sciences at Uppsala University. We are part of the BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) network in Europe and our purpose is to empower diversity and develop students' soft skills.


One of the events we are organizing is a competition, EBEC, where students from different educational backgrounds (in technology and natural science) can meet each-other in multidisciplinary tasks. The competition categories are Case Study and Team Design.

In Uppsala, we will hold our competition on Friday 12th of April and we invite all of you to participate!


A case study might be an actual problem at a company or in society, or a hypothetical problem. Here, teams of four students have to solve the problem (for example allocating resources, reducing CO2 emission, etc.) and present their work to a jury.


In team design, the students have to design and build a working device that can properly fulfill predetermined criteria. The available resources are given and limited, just like at every company. In addition to their knowledge, the teams must use their creativity and imagination as well. After completion, each team has to briefly introduce their device and demonstrate how it works. Based on that, the jury evaluates their work.


Why should YOU participate in this competition?

- Learn something new

- Challenge yourself and your problem-solving thinking

- Practice teamwork

- Receive a certificate of attendance

- Free food and fika!

- Have fun! No previous knowledge is needed to solve the tasks

- Get merits

- The winning team in each category will also get medals and a chance to compete in the regional round of the EBEC competition


If you are interested in participating, you can send an email to

with the following info:

- Team name

- Names of all team members (4 people)

- Which category you want to compete in (case study or team design)

- Any food preferences for the team members


If you want to compete, but cannot find team members (you can be 1-3 and want to fill up to four members), then you send an email and express your interest for one category and then we will try to form a group for you if enough students apply.


Deadline to apply: 11th of April, 12 pm

Schedule: See attached document


Apply – it will be fun! J

// Local BEST Group Uppsala